Learn New Stuff #stitch #embroidery #mixedmedia

In between driving to school, helping with homework, and sitting at the tennis courts (I sure spend a lot of time on tennis courts) I decided that I wanted to incorporate hand embroidery into my artwork. I have never really free stitched before, so I forced myself to take a step back, and rather than start off running this time, I slowly learned a handful of stitches.

I ran across this book on Amazon... and I am happy I did. Without reading the description, I didn't know it came with this awesome sampler in the back of the book! Tucked away in a cute little envelope. Super fun!

My favorite? Back stitch..followed by French knot...then Bullion knot.. the "spiderweb" is cool too..

I was once trying to pick between two things that pertain to art... and someone told me, "...why do we believe it's either one or the other when both are available..."? With my new stitching skills, I am looking forward to true mixed media... Coming soon.