About Publishing...

When we signed on to write the book, "Acrylic Solutions", visions of revolutionizing the publishing industry filled my head. I had ideas.... a lot of them. But as we worked through the deadlines, I soon came to realize that my ideas didn't matter to the "man". I felt like I had sold my soul.. Dramatic..right? I know. I'm passionate about creativity... I can't think about it any other way. I tell myself, "One day I am going to write and let the world know my true feelings about being an author.. one day I am going to speak up for what is right.... one day....." but not now.

Every book I have touched since my book was published has been met with a very critical eye. The paper, the cover, the illustrations, the art, the grammar... the white balance...the focus..the composition of every photo... the checklist goes on and on.. it's something that happens when I complete a photo shoot as well.. a painting.. Do I torture myself? Probably.. I'm not sure why..

But THIS book. Humans of New York. I'm on page 242.. EVERY photo in this book is processed and more importantly printed perfectly. The paper has a beautiful feel. I can't put it down. I read....re-read and savor every page.. I really am in love.

"Humans of New York: Stories"

"Humans of New York: Stories"

What is it with this book? I suspect the stories draw me in to each person's soul... I stare at their eyes.. the images are raw.. they are not studio perfect.. I think it is the honesty of this collection of street photography that is pulling me. Pulling for sure... Page 242 and I have already cried 3 times so far while reading this.

You can read the HONY blog... but there is something about holding the book in your hands that makes it so special. Did you pick up a copy? What do you think?