New Art. Untitled No. 10 of 16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

Untitled No. 10  30x40" Mixed Media on gallery canvas.

Untitled No. 10  30x40" Mixed Media on gallery canvas.

I have a love / hate relationship with yellow. All yellows. Yellow calls to me.. all the time.. but I find it really difficult to work with. No matter which yellow I have on hand, I can never mix the yellow I have in my brain. Maybe I need to color-calibrate myself.

I remember when I was a small child, my mother told me that yellow was my favorite color. I always thought that was her way of having me accept what color she was going to be painting my room. Oh and the wallpaper too... it was yellow. Vinyl even.

There is a problem at Casa Prichard.. paintings all over the place. None of them are quite ready for storage yet, so the only solution was to hang them up.. on every square inch of the house. House of Paintings.. Since I am short on space, there are paintings hung all over the place without any consideration of surrounding decor. Jeff Lewis would have a panic attack in here for sure... I'm borderline.. It's hard to get a grasp on the individuality of each painting when they are hung on top of each other...

... but I love looking at them here on the website though...hope you do too.