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"After Hours" 36 x 48 Mixed Media on Canvas  NFS

"After Hours" 36 x 48 Mixed Media on Canvas  NFS

If only you could see this in person...and if only I could post large, hi-res images of my art online... because I. Love. This. Painting.

There are paintings that come here and there that I can't stop looking at.. this is one of them. There is a lot of texture...a lot of metallic paint...and layers are rich and luscious. It's size commands attention. I can't wait to see this in the gallery.

Inspired by re-interpreting a painting from an old journal (shown below):

High heat and winds continue... we are about 20 miles south of any of the major brush fires that are making the National News. Legoland is under evacuation..which means my alma matter GIA  is probably also being evacuated. Prayers that everyone and the structures nearby  stay safe.