The Class Auction Project #Craft

This year marks my 4 year anniversary of completing auction projects for Kate's class. Every grade will complete one craft project (which is supposed to be a collaboration with the children) and the projects are auctioned off during the annual school fundraiser. Since Kate is in 2nd grade this year, the focus is First Holy Communion. 

A group of parents recommended a "Memory Box" that will be made to hold all of the mementos of the day; photos, rosary, bible, program and/or special jewelry. 

I rescued this unfortunate home decor item from a store here for about $16. The size was perfect for our needs and the construction was much more solid than "blank" boxes sold at big box craft stores. But man....was it plain.

I knew that a box like this would be a treasure if I incorporated gold leaf into the design. To hold the gold leaf, I purchased this cheap-o picture frame with small raised detail and attached it to the top of the box.

One of the best mementos of receiving First Holy Communion is that the children are receiving it with their best friends, their classmates. Each child in the class made a small piece of art that I  pre-measured to cover the inside of the box. So that we didn't feel rushed during the school day, I sent the pre-measured paper home with everyone and asked that they complete the artwork using colored pencil. Why colored pencil? Because I knew that the pencil would not run or bleed when I used polymer medium to attach the art to the box. If the kids were to use marker, this would have been a big mess.

The box is covered in layers of archival acrylic paint, in sort of a distressed, but not too distressed finish and gold leaf detail on the top of the box. The gold leaf is the gourmet item on this "build" so I hope it attracts high bidders.

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