Happy Birthday Chris Cozen! #artist #sale #ecourse

Happy birthday to my friend, Chris Cozen- for without a chance encounter several years ago I would probably not be painting! (I certainly would not have written a book either!)

In honor of our birthday's (gasp), we are offering a big sale on all of the classes that we co-wrote together! These are the all important skill building classics, my friends: Save on Color: Beyond the Basics, Complex Collage, Texture Town, Pixels and Paint, Mixed Media Melange, Chaos and Calm, and Layer Love v2.0. and pick them up for only $58.99 each.

You'll love the video, feedback and handouts...and we are always here to help you. Click here to take a look at the full workshop page. No matter what topic interests you, we've got you covered.

Thanks for stopping by..see you soon!

Be sure to stop by Chris's blog and say Happy  Birthday!

*discount does not apply to purchases made prior to today. Sale ends 5/13/14.