On the grid. 18 #journal #lettering #artjournal

Hi. I have been numbering these sketchbook pages since I started photographing them. These are pages 41 and 42 of my moleskine grid paper journal. I love looking at progress, so as I am nearing completion of this first journal, I find myself counting the remaining pages. I think there are about 15 left since my last count.. Not to worry, I have a brand new book ready to go.

There are a lot of things to consider (for me anyway) when looking at journals to purchase. Of course I can make my own..but sometimes I do not want a homemade feel.. I really was drawn to the size and feel of this book..and I am also drawn tot he uniformity of a collection of these on my shelf.. They are my alternative to the "art journal" (see my previous art journal pages here). There are books in the marketplace that prohibit ink bleed which are tempting..but the paper has a grayish tint.. I prefer the warmth of these pages.. and I love the graph paper..takes me back to my early exploring days in Mom & Pop Office Supply stores... finding something different and new was always so exciting.

I'm keeping it real.. the writing is recognizable as my own..and where I was searching and searching for some magic answer to improving my penmanship, I have decided to keep the truth in what I have here... honesty.. I don't want to force myself to learn something that isn't "me".. I love simplicity.

The solo show is progressing..I am at a point now where I want to line the paintings up and look at the group as a collection...just to gauge my progress..and then I will keep painting. I think I am on painting number 8 this week... the half way mark.

When it is dark outside..or when I only have a few minutes, I continue to find happiness in my simple journal. Thanks for coming by today.