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Book Review No. 7: Creative Block

Julie Prichardbooks

I follow "The Jealous Curator" blog and was very excited to see that the Jealous Curator herself was publishing a book. Friends....this is a good one.

"Creative Block" is a well written book.. blah blah... THE LAYOUT OF THIS BOOK IS REFRESHING AND WELL THOUGHT OUT. Boom. Yes...refreshing.

Having experienced publishing first hand, I have to admit that these days, after looking at the author of the book, I immediately glance to see who published the book. From book to book...topic to topic, I think it matters. A lot.

Curating 50 successful artists sounds like a logistical nightmare. Danielle figured out how to do it..how to do it well..and how to keep my interest through the 280-some pages in the book. The mediums presented by each artist, the photographs as well as the responses to her interview questions are engaging and very not boring.

This is a book that will be reference over and over.. There is no official book review rating here in The Land of Lost Luggage..but if there were, this would be "up there" for sure.

Julie Prichard buys these books with her own money...is not given compensation..and in this case has no affiliation with the author or publisher. Thank you for reading!