New Art. Untitled No. 3/16 #acrylic #art #mixedmedia #abstract

36x48" Gallery Canvas ; Acrylic and Graphite

36x48" Gallery Canvas ; Acrylic and Graphite

Continuing with the discipline of one fine art painting/week.. here is week 3. The climate in San Diego allows me to paint.. dry..layer..dry and repeat pretty frequently...and I am finding that one week seems like a reasonable allowance for me.

This one of the largest paintings I have attempted to date.. It's huge here in the house..and there are not many places to hang it. I am working on three of these to anchor my upcoming show. Physical demands for blending paint in this wide of an area are pretty demanding... I'm really happy with this. Hope you like it.

Two book-reports are in the wings here... They will be ready soon.

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