Why I loathe Pinterest. Will the real Julie Prichard come forward? #pinterest



I was on the internet this morning, and came across some "Julie Prichard" Pinterest accounts. Now, while I know there is more than one human being named, "Julie Prichard" on the planet, I find it really, really in poor taste that two of those boards use my original art as their profile pic.

If they are fishing, robots..whatever... it is really wrong...and Pinterest, people and the government allow it.

For the record, those are not my pins on the two upper right boards... and the upper, second from the left WAS actually my attempts at pinning in the early days of the site. I re-activated my initial board to try and see if the other two were mine... to no avail. Those are in deed not my pins (nor my taste in recipes or decor either.... yuck). My "real" board is now deactivated.

I find Pinterest a pure time-suck. An unproductive waste actually..

If I need to look at something, I use google images....find what I need and that's it.. On rare occasions, I print out my favorites...or a bookmark them here on my desktop.

There is no way to contact anyone at Pinterest. How convenient.