Book Review Numero Tres. 1000 Journals Project

1000 journals project.jpg

I almost feel like I should edit a video review for this one..because I feel my written word may be misconstrued... But I am lazy. I will rely on your thorough study of the next few lines of text instead.

I did not like this book.

(insert diabolical sound bit here)

Let me clarify.. I like this concept. I think it is neat.. I even participated in a similar project at Sea World (of all places) when I was a child. But I think I can only go so far as to say that this concept is neat-o. The printed results as bound in this book...not so much.

So..there are a gazillion (I guess 1000...I did not count them) sketchbook/journal pages in this book...but most of them are small...too small to read. The "open call" format is apparent.. and so I guess you can say, "Frick- this IS what the majority of journals look like out there.." Call me a snob then.. I like what I like. I'd rather carefully curated journal pages of the artist-man.. not the everyday journal rescuer. 

So.. if you like this sort of thing... you may consider the similarly named counter part, "1000 Journal Artist Pages" instead.

I wanted to like this book.. I really did. I like the hard cover..I like the size..but..I don't know. Have you seen the movie?

No affiliation with either book or author.