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Book Review Numero Seis: Modern Calligraphy

Julie Prichardbooks
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Modern Calligraphy is a nicely written book featuring beautiful writing samples throughout. The author not only explains how you can create beautify hand written objects (invitations, place cards and such) but she also explains the supplies well. While other books leave you wondering where and what to buy to complete each sample, this is not the case with this book. There is a nice supply guide at the back of the book.

Included in the book are lovely exercises to get your inner calligraphy flowing. Practice, practice, practice. I did not come out of this book ready to hand write wedding invitations, but I did come out of this book understanding what is needed to write wedding invitations. Let's also note, I will not be getting into the wedding invitation business anytime soon.

Practicing lettering and understanding the pressure needed to create thicker and thinner lines (and when to make them) will help me with my fun time Copic brush tips. This information combined with the knowledge from this book which I reviewed earlier has no doubt turned the quality of my penmanship up a notch.

I was expecting this book to swerve away from the invitation and place card writing tips and tricks.. I don't know.. with "modern" in the title, I was expecting some non-traditional calligraphy examples. Having said that, the book indeed was fun to look at, fast to read and contained it's money worth in content.