Julie Prichardon the grid

Taking it back old School.... #passingnotes

Julie Prichardon the grid

There were hundreds of them. All meticulously folded and written.. Passed to each other in class and in hallways... I'm bringing back the art of the "note".

Stationary doesn't count.. Fancy art pens..nope. These have to be on looseleaf paper..written in BLUE ballpoint pen. We always chose blue. If you had one of the old Papermate Medium point  ball point pens... the white pen with the blue cap.. those were the best. I remember when I first used one of those pens.. much better than the Bic counterpart of the day...

The notes talked about boyfriends, general teenage girl gossip... a lot about hair and heavy metal rock bands.. (Dude- Scorps.) Many of the popular topics (guys) had code names so as to divert the attention off of our true loves should the notes fall into the hands of the wrong person.. My note passing career peaked in 1985.. ended in 1989.. much too short.

During that time period, I remember receiving notes from guys too. Passed on the beach of all places.. passed from car to car on the FREEWAY.. (Kate- if you read this one day, don't EVER do that.) For some reason guys did not have the same ability to write a note as we did.. They were almost always short..and almost certainly would mention that we were "cool chics".. 

The notes are gone now.. But I can still picture them. I picture them in an old Reebok high-top shoe box under my bed. I want them back. So we are writing.

I'm never going to stop writing either. As long as I have someone to pass the note to, I will. I am going to stop texting... and start writing. I am going to save every piece of paper that comes my way. I've got this first note in my grid book... preserved... and the others soon to follow will also be included. They will be placed right in chronological order of the rest of the pages... with their postage envelopes... 

Long live the note. Bringing it back to stay.

While writing one note, my classmate's daughter did not have any idea what she was doing... what?? Is THAT the way we want our kids to grow up? The note is important.. I also remember carefully taking apart empty Chapstick containers and rolling notes around the spindle inside them in 7-8th grade. Those were the best of times.