Important Message For All Of Our Students

Dear Students,

As part of our awesome online classes, we have always offered beautiful full-color pdf (aka handouts) that are meant to be used in conjunction with the video lessons. Currently, those handouts are located inside each of your class blogs, most of the time, as chapters inside each lesson. Our intention has always been that students print the handout (or download it) and then use it to take notes as you watch the videos for that lesson. Some classes even come with links to supply lists as well as things like free ephemera and single-page tid-bits that all fit into the larger PDF file.

Effective January 1, 2015, we will no longer host that information for you. 

No one panic, please. 

You are not loosing access to your classes. You are not loosing instructor support... we are simply changing the way in which we provide that "written" or linked-to content that is not video content. We need you to please take your content and download it now.

Effective December 10th, all classes that are sold will feature AUTOMATIC access and AUTOMATIC digital downloads will be made available to you. This is for NEW class members only. There will no longer be waiting until I wake up and process orders so that you can get into class. Isn't that awesome? We're making all of the necessary system upgrades at no additional cost to you so that you can enjoy class the moment you want to.

These changes require me to cancel an old website that I have been using to host the files for all of the classes... ergo, why you need to download what you are entitled to NOW. 


Please do not email me asking where to find your handouts...simply log into your class and take 2 minutes to scroll through and download them. It's that simple.

There have been a lot of technological advancements since we started filming and hosting classes 5+ years ago. I've wanted to make these changes for a long time and have now taken the plunge to do so. We're having great success with the new shopping cart and coupon codes too, which is a part of this upgrade. We hope you like the way that things are being presented.

Thank you again for all of your support! Chris Cozen and I are writing new digital content for bigger and better classes for 2015 as we speak! There are a lot of exciting new changes that are heading our way...and we're happy you're here.

Best regards,

Julie Prichard

Owner- The Land of Lost Luggage

PS- there sure are a lot of you... if any of your friends have signed up for workshops over the last several years, can you please take moment to mention this post to them? We would really appreciate it.