Our Menu Has Changed.. #mixedmedia #ecourse #craft #DIY

Our new shopping cart experience...simple....fast...secure.

The Thanksgiving menu is not the only menu on my mind today...the shopping cart menu has changed too! What? Oh..yes... Instead of cooking and cleaning, I decided to embark on a new website..today...of all days... See.. it all started because I wanted for sure to be able to offer YOU, dear readers, exciting, low low prices on online mixed media workshops this weekend.. that meant that I have had to fully integrate the shopping cart into the beautiful Squarespace features that are offered here.. I am done with frankenstein-ing paypal buttons, waking up at the crack of dawn to change code... we're now fully automated. Phew! 

Sooo..there are coupons coming... big, fat, juicy, lowest-prices of the year type coupons...and they are coming to all of my believed newsletter subscribers! I hope you're on the list. >wink<

Click here to join the newsletter...but act fast..coupons are being mailed Thanksgiving morning!

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Soon...in the not too far distant future, the PDF class files will be automatically emailed to you right when you pay for class! Fancy! Soon...also in that bright future...the classes will be instantly mailed to you too! Just not quite yet..I have to cook for tomorrow now.

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am thankful you are here.