What a week...

julie prichard abstract art.jpg

I feel like I have not stopped moving all week... there were so many things packed on to my schedule this week.. I. Am. Exhausted.

It's time for me to pick up my paint brushes again. Rather than start with my 24x24's, I grabbed some 8x10's to try and get back into the swing of things. There are three new small paintings that I will put up for sale next week.. a great low price if you want to start your original art collection. Pictured above is one of the paintings.. I'll place it into my sale gallery soon. 

But...look at this!

Fuji X-pro 1 ; F 1.4, 35mm

Fuji X-pro 1 ; F 1.4, 35mm

I feel like I won the gardening lottery! My friend gave me this orchid last year...and without any attention, it threw up some blooms for me to enjoy this week! My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the plant out in the corner of my garden with this glorious spike. I have terrible luck getting my orchids to re-bloom... love a surprise like this.

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