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Hanging Canvas Panels #mixedmedia #DIY #Craft

Julie Prichardtutorials

The fact that canvas panels are relatively inexpensive as far as substrates are concerned, makes them attractive to artists of all levels.. but what to do with them once they are finished? I like to be able to get all of my art up onto my walls...or your walls. 

Frame shops or craft stores carry a lot of frame and matte sets. Most often, your canvas panel will fit inside one of those frames pretty easily. If you want your canvas panel to float off of the wall for a more contemporary feel, you can try this easy frameless method for a couple of bucks:

Cut two pieces of 1x1" wood to size as shown. Attach them to the back of the canvas panel with liquid nails or similar adhesive product available from the hardware store. While you're there, pick up some  "Screw Eyes"; I like 1/2" and screw them into the side of the attached 1x1. Securely wrap wire from one of the eyes over to the other and you're really to hang this on the wall. I picked up some 22 gauge wire from the craft store for this purpose and have not had any issues using that for even my larger paintings.

Hope this inspires you to get some of your art up on to your walls too! Have fun.