Book Review Numero Dos - The End of Print

An excerpt from "The End of Print" - David Carson

An excerpt from "The End of Print" - David Carson

In case you're just tuning in, I am pushing myself to read numerous books that I have collected over the last couple of years..I mean really READ them. I'm taking notes.. studying.. growing.

My second book this year is, "The End of Print", David Carson. This is the kind of book someone like me gets lost in... It is such a great read.. There are no tutorials... there are no "steps" to follow to create good graphic design. There is SUBSTANCE.

I think David Carson is a brilliant artist. Do I feel this connection because I grew up in San Diego? Because I hung out at the beach? I don't know.. but the constant flux of his work .. and the fact that you have to really LOOK at it to read it..if you want to read it.. makes me curious. The art makes me come in... it makes me linger and stick around. Every page is like this. 

David Carson "The End of Print"

David Carson "The End of Print"

This book is not a usual topic around here.. So why did I read it? There are a lot of cues that you can take from graphic design to place in your art work. A lot of my art contains lettering and studying the placement of the lettering in this book is pretty rad. Photography? Indeed. Photography and journaling. Ideas. Growth. Expansion. 

This book is a great read.

Raygun #27 - scored off ebay.  Fuji X-pro 1; 14mm f2.8 + 2x580EXii

Raygun #27 - scored off ebay.

Fuji X-pro 1; 14mm f2.8 + 2x580EXii

I scored the opportunity to pick up an issue of Raygun pretty inexpensively on ebay.. (Carson was the art director to this publication 1992-1995.) They don't make magazines like this's an awesome treat.

I wrote down several Carson quotes from the book that hit home for me.. you'll see them listed periodically in my "On the Grid" series... 

Thanks for coming in.