The Valentine. Easy and Chic.

stitched valentine machine.jpg

I love making my Valentine's every year. I have been going back and forth in my head what I would make this year; Simple and classic won over the painted, collaged and layered ideas. I also chose to stay away from red and pink... what do you think?

fabriano cardstock.jpg

I always use Fabriano cardstock for my base. Now....I know it's expensive.. BUT I am not making 40 of these to pass out. I am hand writing special notes to people I love.. about 7 or 8 of them total.. so I think its worth it. This paper is so beautiful and elegant... it would almost be impossible not to make a great card on it. (Hey....check out the Papyrus cards at Target.. 6, 7, 8 $9 a pop....this paper is worth it.)

cut fabriano note cards.jpg

Next thing I do is create the heart panel.. I need a panel because I don't want the raw stitches to show on the inside of the card. In the image above. I have smaller 4x3" panels that I will stitch on. I will alter attach these panels to the folded notes.

create deckeled edges papercraft.jpg

Since the folded notes have raw edges, I need to put raw edges on the paper I trimmed for the panel. (Because I cut it off while trimming.) Use your really great scissors...the ones you bought for sewing...and pretend you are giving a shave to someone in the barber shop.

sewn valentine folk heart.jpg

Finally, I ran the cut panels through the sewing machine... free motion stitching these simple hearts. Fancy metallic thread makes the heart shimmery and pretty.. it is almost like vintage tinsel thread.. love it. 

I attach the panels to the folded notes using this awesome double stick tape.

I toyed with layering mica over the hearts..but in the end, simplicity won.

No paid endorsements....all Julie. Are you making some cards this season? Let me know...I'd love to hear from you.