I'm At Summer Camp

friendship bracelet tutorials.jpg

I took the screen off my window, and carefully drew chalk arrows on the sidewalk on the path leading to the back of my house. Order forms carefully hand-printed out.. Strands of embroidery floss thumbtacked to a bulletin board proudly displayed all of the colors that were available... It was 1982. (I think.)

friendship bracelet.jpg

For some reason, I was in the local mom and pop hardware store by my house looking at hardware with one of my parents. (Boring.) My eyes all but popped out of my head when tucked back in the back of that store, the owners wife had her own shop.... needle crafts... and rows and rows of embroidery floss. I think they were 16 cents each back then.. It was before Michaels (that I knew of anyway), before internet, before Amazon Prime (the horror) and way before I could drive.. BUT it was next to our local grocery store..and we visited THAT place at least 2 times a week. That meant I could run over, and get my fix of embroidery floss pretty easily.

I sold so many bracelets to the neighborhood kids...all custom orders too! Ahh..the good old days.  I could do the 'X', Chevron, Heart.. A late edition to my skill-set was learning from someone at school how to make the four-sided chevron.. That quickly became my favorite.. because all the other kids were only making flat bracelets. 

Last summer I bookmarked a rad tutorial online showcasing all of the styles I remember and then some. Click here to take a trip with me down memory lane. Click here for the Four-Sided chevron video... and leave me a comment to let me know if you want to head to summer camp with me. I don't care what month it is....we can always have a little summer.