Book Review Numero Uno - Graphic Design #Art

One down...

I just finished reading a fun book by Chip Kidd, "A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design". 

Luckily for me and my short attention span, the book is written very simply, with large text and lots of interesting visuals used to illustrate the design concepts. The graphics that Kidd has chosen to be in this book hit the messages home..with lots to see and lots to learn.

Composition is a frequent topic I hear when teaching. Although you will not find a chapter entitled, "COMPOSITION" in this book, what you will find are a handful of elements that contribute to composition. Learn the chapters in the book, remember them, be better at composition. It's that easy.

I like this book for it's simplicity... I also like this book for it's completeness. At the end of the book are 10 design projects for you to work on.. talk about a swift kick... 

Graphic Design Book review.jpg

Note: No relation to Chip Kidd, his publisher, etc.