Small Projects- HUGE online workshop.. #mixedmedia #artjournal

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A little over a year ago, I started this "concept" online workshop called, "The Mixed Media Variety Hour With Your Host Julie Prichard'..and it remains one of my most favorite workshops. Really! 

Summer has been long here...and recently, extremely hot. The summer sucks the energy out of me and I find it really difficult to sit inside and really concentrate on a painting.. But I am a painter, right? Sometimes...but I think the biggest problem here is that I can't concentrate and find the time to work on larger projects this time of year.. it always happens in late summer. 

Enter the "Variety Show". I made this workshop to not only contain some grande projects that I am most known for...but I sprinkled in little inspiration type quickie projects that are PERFECT for how I am feeling right now. 

Make a journal? Got you covered.... Wonder why some things you read about the art community don't fit in with your style? Honest, open discussion with me about how I feel when I read some of this stuff....not too touchy feel-y yoga like.... I'm more- give it to me straight. I want to talk with you! It's all here.. 

Don't be fooled by the title...this is not an hour long workshop... it's 238 minutes PLUS unlimited discussion and feedback! Click here to learn more...I'll show you the samples and a promo video. I can't wait to hear form you!