My Stitch Library + Do you Tweet?

janome memory craft.jpg

Is it cheating because with little skill I can whip up cute little embroidered animals like this? I kind of think so...but it's really super fun. 

janome memory craft 9900.jpg

Last week at "Sewing Club" I was given the assignment of taking my new machine home and creating a stitch dictionary. I'm all for practice...and especially for completing I whipped this up in a couple of days. Wait until I show you what I have discovered in "Embroidery Club"...holy smokes...that machine can do 100 things that I never even considered asking if it could do when I bought it!

It's important to know the people where you buy a machine like this...I didn't think I would enjoy going to all the sewing and embroidery meetings..but I can tell you that after the last two I have been in, I am planning not to miss a single meeting for the next two years. The people who work at the place where I bought my machine are super nice..and the ladies that I have met in each class are friendly and knowledgeable! I know I get some one-eyed glances because I am new...but so far, everyone has been receptive to my questions. Turns out I am starting to sew the same way that I understanding what the machine does and how to use it are most important to me. THEN I will start making things.

I've always loved fabric...and making things that are soft in this is turning out to be great fun! 

The book has 10 pages of stitches that I numbered and bound together with some wire. I was going to stitch the pages together with floss and the Japanese stab method...but I was a little tired of this project and just crimped it together quickly. How do you like the squirrel? :) 

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