Over the Weekend... Fall road trip!

san deigo fall julian.jpg

I want to live in a place where that top view is from my kitchen window... where I can craft, paint and bake all day. I want to decorate Christmas trees year round and smell that cinnamon pinecone smell every day..every night light a fire in my wood-burning fire place. You get the picture... I. Like. Fall. San Diego fall, that is.

It's warm enough for shorts (bermuda) and chilly only enough for a light sweater.. in ten minutes I am at the beach or in 30 I can be in the mountains..there isn't that much snow, but the air is crisp. 

We arrived at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in perfect time Saturday morning for it to be too crowded for us locals... I drove right past it and took the scenic route into Julian. First stop- the Julian Mining company where we used rocker boxes to get some minerals (they call them gems) out of salted buckets. (All that late night watching of "Gold Rush" came in handy.) Fired up some Fall arts and crafts, learned embroidery on my new machine.. and decorative corn? I want it year round too... My name is Julie and I love Fall, how about you?