Sew What, Quilt?

modern quilt.jpg

Remember when I told Jenny Doh (video) a long long time ago that I wanted a new sewing machine? Back in 2009... I finally bought a new machine. And of course, I immediately bought quilt materials. This is my first ever quilt! (Well..just the quilt top now..but I should be wrapping this up for my daughter soon.) Not too shabby right?

I did not have a pattern for this.. just my 9th grade Mrs. Lindsay sewing memories and the eye of the tiger.. Of course I started sewing at warp speed, with Kate beside me pressing seams... for about an hour before I realized that I should be lining seams up.. that's ok.. Adds charm, right? So there are some imperfections.. but Kate loves it..and I love we're good! 

Have a good weekend. Three cheers for back-to-school on Monday! Hip! Hip! 

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See you soon! Thanks for stopping by.