Helga, Birget, FooFoo and Narni

needle felting dolls.jpg

I made myself a needle felted cast of characters yesterday...it was really fun and easy. Meet Helga and Birget. They are sisters who love to pick flowers...but only the pink ones.

needle felted shih tzu.jpg

When they are out enjoying the fresh air,  their dog, "Foo Foo" is never far behind.. 


Here's, "Narni" the angry narwhal.. complete with bushy old-man eyebrows... because I'm creative. If that's what you call this.... I felted loops into the tops of each character so that I can hang them like ornaments.

Needle felting is really easy. Remember those guys I saw at SDCC last month?

They have a website where you can purchase kits and watch free video tutorials.  And this really nice seller on Etsy sent me a couple of free goodies with my purchase. I can't read a lick of anything in this book, but it oozes kawaii. If you're on a diet, don't click here.

What's cooking at your house?