We Didn't Even Ask...


I love reading about "A HA" moments that people have when reading...and WORKING through our book.

Carmen didn't ask or receive a free copy of our book...and we did not ask her for this review.. she wrote this awesome nugget of knowledge on her own WITH examples of her art resulting in exercises from our book. {link} 

Carmen has some great points...that I applaud her for: 

1. She is WORKING her way through the book. (Fantastic! Knowing that you can use each of the techniques over and over...here and there...makes great sense! We recommend this to everyone... 

2. She is not using ANY Golden products! DING DING DING!!!  You don't have to! We encourage everyone....every reader, every student..to use what they have! You don't need the same colors...you don't need the same mediums....almost every product line has products that are made for any specific purpose.

Thanks, Carmen! You made me one happy author today.  

Click here to see the book on Amazon.