cherry tart-01.jpg

We met and fell in love in Martha Stewart's last magazine.. The Rustic Ricotta Cherry Tart with Almonds. (Recipe here) I made ricotta cheese from SCRATCH... I am in love! It was so easy too and I think it made all the difference in the tart. Doesn't she look delicious?

So here we are in June already.. Summer fever is here... I've said it before and I will say it again.. don't beat yourself up if you're not in the studio everyday.. You'll always be creative if you're creative..doing whatever you are doing! (Like making cheese!)

I'm heading to the SDAI C-Note fundraiser tonight. If you're in the area, I am sure it's going to be packed. I helped set up the art for hanging and there is a TON of art to be had.. originals for $100-$400.. and lots of the art we saw cost more in framing alone. Should be a fun night.

The mega online workshop 8 Great Paintings is on super sale... $59! Show me a class that is a better value and I will.... get the idea. Click here for more info.

Last..but no way least.. the marvelous Lisa Hoffman reviewed our book.. click here to see what she has to say..and to enter to win a copy too!