Julie Learns Online Too...


Remember when I mentioned I was taking fashion illustration courses online? That didn't go over to well for me.. Remember when I said I was taking Illustrator CS6 online classes? Those were much better!


As I sat for hours learning the new software, I couldn't help by think to myself how this type of learning really is excellent. Here I have the ability to watch a lesson.. and to RE-WATCH it over and over, clicking along with my instructor until my own "clicking" moment took place.. And I have to tell you.... some of those moments took a long time.


But what is this for? I initially thought I would use these new fundamentals to spruce up my website, my class handouts, etc.. But there really is no limit! Combined with my Photoshop skills, the possibilities are endless... whatever I see...whatever graphic or pattern I see, I can break it down..and make it my own. Stencils, papers, business cards, stationary, logos... I am thrilled.

my scroll.png

I never thought I needed all this.. I would usually sit at Photoshop and crank something out after a few hours.. but now? Minutes. And this is the tip of the iceberg.. I am no way an expert in design.. but the seeds are planted. I learned a valuable lesson during the three classes that I took. I ordered the classes and added up the run times.. Say it was something like 13 hours.. I plotted 13 hours out on my calendar and figured that would be all. Nope. I ended up spending about 3 weeks in the classroom.. and I still go back for reference. Which makes me realize.. and maybe you already knew this... you can't do a new thing one time and be a pro at it. It takes time to learn skills. SKILLS.

star pattern.png

So the next time you are planning your day..and if it involves a class or two... plot double..maybe triple the time you think you will need... and absorb everything. Really absorb it. You will be happy you did.

not enough.png

Graphics in this post: Julie Prichard

Illustrator Classes: Laura Coyle via Renee Pearson

Font #1 created by Missy Austin for Lost Type Co-op; edited by Julie Prichard