I got a call from a local number I did not immediately recognize last Friday..


"Julie. I have a camera for you."

"I'll be there before closing."


I have been waiting very patiently (well...I may have called a few, four or five times and dropped in hoping for a camera) for a few weeks. (Never fails..as soon as you decide to pull the trigger, what you want sells out nation-wide.) I have not purchased a new camera in a few years and the reviews for the new Fuji x100s had me weak in the knees.. I wanted one.. but a Fuji? Fixed lens? Point and Shoot? A Fuji?? Seriously?

I knew I wanted to replace my Canon G12 with newer technology (I carry one of these cameras with me at all time.. I don't have time to worry about lugging gear unless I am on a job)..but I was really hesitant to step away from my beloved Canon.

I was wrong.

This camera is a DREAM. I have not even read the manual yet..straight out of the box, I don't have one single complaint. (Well..maybe the LCD brightness...but that's adjustable..where is my manual?)

I was worried about it's speed.. I was worried about no zoom... I was worried about it's everything.. I love this camera.. all excellent. The image quality is amazing.. I'm looking for a change.. an adaptation from painting into photography...into design.. and I am pretty sure my new partner is going to be a big help.

What do you think? Pretty pictures, right?