When Liberace Goes Crafting...

Glitter Embossed Cards.jpg

...he probably makes stationary like this. I am completely mesmerized by Martha Stewart glitter! It is sooo sparkly.

Something that always grabs my attention is the die cut machine.. The Big Shot, Cricut, blah blah.. I finally bought a second machine. I bought the "eBosser". (Second? Back in the good 'ol days I broke my "Revolution" by jamming thick sheets of metal through it.) So armed with some pretty Sizzix embossing folders, I made some cards. I was so in love  with the raised texture on this particular folder, I painstakingly covered each ridge with glue.. and then the glitter.

Did it take a long time, of course! But, as a  fan of the extremely labor intensive greeting, I had to do it! (It's kind of a thing..)

If you're planning to do something like this, my advice would be to stock up on the glue pens... I experimented with glue stick.. no good.. The pen worked best for me, but these 4 cards used an entire (brand new) pen! Gulp.

Close Up Card.jpg

And now for the propaganda..

I do  not work for, or am I given supplies to complete any of my posts or classes. Lots of people think I work for Golden.. not true either. All supplies (except for some stencils I received once) are purchased by me using good ol' fashioned USD. I feel good that if I write about something here, you can rest assured (if you care) that I am giving you my honest opinion about said product.