Third Bouquet...


I'm a little weird about roses. My yard is much so that I would say that I am in a little bit of trouble...yes..I know......may have bought too many plants for my small yard. Plants are growing all over each other these days... trouble for sure if some pests move in. Hopefully my prevention will keep them away. Knock wood.

So many of the plants grow multiple buds on the same stem. Why can't they all open at the same time? I won't pick those stems. I feel like all of the buds need a chance to open outside before they are cut. There are a couple of buds in this bouquet, but they should be opening soon... I always feel like I need to have blooms outside too.. a lot of blooms.. so I pick only one bouquet each week. Bare bushes (even though they are only bare a month or so) make me sad. I love to sit outside and stare at the plants. Can't help it.

I took a rose class last winter..and I have to say...that all of the fancy, organic, products they recommended I slather over everything have really paid off. This is the largest crop to date in our house. Yay! Hope things are blooming where you are too. See you soon!