This makes me happy...

Old dresser.jpg

This is my bedroom furniture. I bought it when I was about 25 years old and it's been serving it's purpose..... I knew it was past it's prime appearance-wise, but the bedroom always got passed on when other things on the house were needed. We've looked at new furniture, but no matter the price, I couldn't find a set that I wanted to buy. Enter spray paint.

New Dresser.jpg

New knobs a la Martha Stewart (Home Deport) and some flat, metallic grey spray paint (also Home Depot) and Viola! Can you believe that's the same furniture? One day of work and about $150 for everything. We also painted two night stands. I am thrilled with how easy this project was...we should have done it years ago.


The first step on the room make-over was a pair of new lamps from Target. As soon as I saw them I knew that they would match my bedspread..... that's when I decided we were going to paint. Finally. I am so happy I don't have new furniture payments! Hooray spray paint!