And the Judge Says.... Third and Fourth

Mixed media on paper, Feb. 2010

Mixed media on paper, Feb. 2010

Well...I had a nice surprise... The San Diego Art Institute welcomes volunteers on juror night.. They help with bringing all of the submissions out of storage and onto the gallery floor for judging. I couldn't miss this.. I want to know all the ins and outs of gallery stuff, so my friend and I went down there.

We were told to hang back several feet from the Juror and not to distract him while he is judging. After all of the art was lined up, we watched from a distance to see if our pieces were selected for the next show.

I have been having trouble working on small format pieces for the one-foot show.. this month, I nailed it and finally got a 10x10 (Vintage Picnic) into the exhibition. For the regional show (works up to 8 feet) I have been getting in... so after he picked my 10x10, I was happy....I had no idea what was coming next.

On the floor, he walked over to my large piece (The Score) and looked at it for a long time.. I am sure it was only a few seconds, but it was the longest anyone has ever looked at one of my pieces (that I have seen). That's my thing.. I hang back on opening night and watch how people react to my art..people have not been stopping, but the jurors have been selecting my paintings.. so there is the I make things more interesting for the sake of people to look at them, or do I keep to my true self and just be happy to get into the shows? I am not sure... He walked off.

On his official route by the piece, I got an orange sticker. The Score was selected to be in the Regional Show. Yay! After several more minutes of helping move paintings to and from storage, he stopped to chit chat with some people. I wanted to see who would win one of his four awards...

At the end of his conversation, he walked over to The Score without any hesitation and marked it "Juror's Choice". I tried to remain calm... my friend and I have a saying we share, "Act like you've been there before" you do that? I think it worked that night because I was a little stunned to tell you the truth. This was only my third time entering a show. (Three different jurors so far.)

So there it first award. It's a thrill be recognized by another artist is really special to me...

So that brings me to the updates:

SDAI Regional and One Foot Show now through April 7th, Balboa Park.

Acrylic Solutions (our book!!) ships around March 22!!

Get in the mood for our book with another book...come to my facebook for a chance to win "Acrylic Revolution". I have a copy I can ship to you if you're in the US.

edit: The Score is a 24x36" piece featured here.