Paint. Sew. Sew. Paint. Repeat. #baby #DIY

minky baby toys.jpg

My good friend had a baby boy! I remember back when Kate was born.. someone gave me a handmade minky baby blanket. I had never seen or touched minky before, and that blanket quickly became #1 in the rotation. It is so soft! I want to make myself some pajamas out of it.. I kid. Maybe not really.. So for this forest mouse, I embroidered the baby's monogram on the back and left the minky open on the front. He's super soft! 

baby blanket with embroidery.jpg

Positioning multi-embroidered designs is a little tricky.. so I need to get used to it. I used flannel for the back of this blanket, minky on top. That's three hoop positions worth of embroidering... hopefully one day they will make a larger hoop for my machine..I'd be all over that. 

minky fabric

Anita Goodesign Forest Friends