What's So Special?

quilt 2.jpg

Last weekend I finished my second and probably my last quilt. This one was a labor of love. I found this fabric before I found my sewing machine. I dreamed of giving my daughter a quilt made of this collection...


I know how to make a patchwork quilt now, so I check that off of my mental "list" that I keep running at all times... but quilting requires more space than I have here at home. So you know the lottery house? You know...the one that has the 2200 square foot guest casita turned art studio in the back by the pool? I'll save quilting until we move in there..


She's 7 years old now.. almost 8. Milestone of getting rid of the booster seat in the car soon...inquiring about make-up and her own curiosities about how she can make stuff abound. I'm excited to be mom..the one who makes stuff all the time. I'm really happy to see this blanket in the landscape of her room now....and for many many years to come. If she sells it or leaves it at a boyfriend's house....don't ask.