Treat Bag *Sewn* Keepsake


My tote bag travels continue...and the even feed foot for my machine came with that installed, I am starting to add "complications" to the tote bags. I was astonished to see the plastic pumpkin things that kids like to hold candy with cost $6 at Target.. yikes. That sent me into action making this treat-bag-tote.

Halloween fabric is on sale now...and these are really easy. I want to give a shout out to Cindy...who I found on google by looking for easy tote bag patterns. Hers is the pattern I learned..and now I am using those "bones" to make my own bags.  Thanks for writing super cute, easy tutorials, Cindy!


For the front of Kate's bag, I embroidered her monogram...and "Treat"...of course, "Trick" on the back. There is a embroidered special message from "mom" sewn to the inside too. 

Speaking of sewing...and cute bloggers/vendors... I purchased some "sewn by" labels to sew into my projects..I'll be sure to pass on the name of the etsy seller I used when the labels come in. They were cheap, she was cheerful...and they cost a whole lot less than companies that provide the same service. (Plus..she will make them in batches of 20 or so for those of us with crafting ADD.. Stay tuned for when those come in.) 

This is an easy project....fabric is on sale... what are you waiting for? 

Happy Halloweenie :)