embroidered flip flop.jpg

My sewing machine has an embroidery component, which I didn't think I would get much use out of...think again. I picked up a coin purse software program and made this cute Flip-flop purse at my daughter's request... it happily helps the Barbie colony transport their fashions from location to location now.... 

This one proved much more difficult than my last embroidery project... After 3 attempts, I finally figured out what was going to happen (you know, right side fabric this way, zipper here, inside out there..) and was able to whip this up in about an hour. My head starts working and now I know the basic steps required to insert a zipper.... and viola! 

Must. Buy. More. Zippers.

Must. Buy. More. Zippers.

 "Mom. Can you please make me a pouch for my DS?" Done.

Super fast like.... Look for my new handbag line launching Winter 2014... 

So yesterday, I was not planning to go to the quilt shop (where I buy my fabric).. But I asked my husband to let me run in there super fast to grab something while we were on the way somewhere else... I didn't brush my hair today...I aint going to lie. I run in there with Kate, and while having her look for some Halloween fabric for a quick goodie bag, a woman comes up to me: 

"I know who you are. We have a mutual friend in Michelle Ward." 

Stunned..... my brain starts racing....my hair...jesus....my retainer is in....omg...Kevin is in the car, motor running.... who is this woman?? 

"I'm Edie." 

"What? Are you so-and-so Edie?" 


"From New York??" 

We start screaming with laughter.... 

"What are you doing here??" 

Edie explains that she is in town this weekend....I didn't know that...but more hysterical...she IS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD...and my fabric shop...AND she had been there TWICE that day with her "party". Talk about a chance meeting! I was really going to grab that fabric tomorrow...but I decided last minute to go today...Isn't that amazing? Turns out she recognized me because she reads my blog...and I knew so much about her because my friend mentioned her frequently... I couldn't believe it. My mouth was stuck open in disbelief for sure... The world is so small... really small... and I was running through that shop and she grabbed me..... so amazing! 

So anyway, I hope you enjoy my sewing escapades... I know it's a departure from painting...but I have not quit painting...just a small break you know..I really enjoy these fabric based projects..and my head is working on ways to incorporate BOTH hobbies...so stay tuned!  

Don't forget to brush your hair today...you never know who you will run in to when you're out. :)