Miss Manners, What?

A very small painting I sent to my friend for Christmas.

A very small painting I sent to my friend for Christmas.

I deleted everyone except my family members off of my personal facebook account. I've been looking for a way to leave facebook for a long time. The problem is that I can't maintain my business page (the page most of you know) without owning a page for myself. Delete myself, and then the business goes with it. There is no way around it..well...with much searching there was but it wasn't the right choice for me. So, I trimmed away about 170 "friends".

Which gets me to wondering... how in the hell did I get 170 friends in the first place? I've never had that many "friends" in person. So then I think, "why feel compelled to share information with people other than my friends" in the first place? As I sat deleting all of the "friends", I was thinking if that "friend" could get in touch with me if there was an emergency. Right. Emergency. I am not sure what emergency someone who I have not spoken to since 8th grade could possibly have to share with me..but the answer was "yes". I didn't let that feeling of doubt stop me. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Facebook started to rub me the wrong way a long time ago.

So and so checked in here.

So and so ate this.

So and so bought this.

So and so went here.

So and so is friends with so and so.

So and so's kid looks cute.

So what.

The news has been reporting some pretty concerning facts about social media these days.. It's gross.

So I did it.

So a lot of you are probably thinking that you are maintaining your account, but will only limit yourself to the time you spend there each day. (Because the news says it's unhealthy, right?) And the rest of you say it doesn't bother you.. and then some of you probably think that things are so hectic in this day and age, that you need to share photos with your family and social media is the easiest way to do that. I say....well.. (Did you see that in the Manti dead girlfriend hoax, his buddy stole photos off one of his friends facebook pages to create the fake girl? Until facebook can lock those bad boys down.. I think everyone should be nervous.)

Who cares what I say.

I'm going back to using the telephone. Living. How about taking into consideration that so and so who is having a run of bad luck shouldn't have some luxury restaurant or 5-star vacation rubbed into their face? Or wait...every friend of yours is living the good life..

I pick the old way..

...and maybe some letter writing.

Hey- we can talk about art here. Do you like the last painting I posted? How about this one?

So about manners. People are talking about the old way of blogs. I've come to understand that I can't expect you to comment here. There are a gazillion blogs. Why should mine rate a comment? Sure.. good point..

But someone with manners might want to let someone know they are here.. it will help me think about the universe in a more positive light. Seems to me that people are just hanging around looking for things to "pin".. looking around to ask questions about how to paint a gold fish.. because... do they think that since I have a business and a website that I am obligated to give that information to everyone?

When I get those emails, I think to myself, "Who is this person? Where did they come from? They say (they always say) they are a long time reader...but they've never left a comment." I'm having deja vu... have I mentioned this on here before? I think so. But things have not changed.

So this is what I have for you today. I hesitate to write any of it.. and I don't expect anything different to happen here after this post. BUT I do know this... I'll keep blogging, and I will keep talking about art because there are a lot of exciting things up my sleeve in the art department... and I like talking about art... so next time, let's do just that. See you then!

(Oh yah....I can't email you a response to your comment if you care to leave one here...but I will respond in the comments, so check back if you want to.)