What I have learned in one week..

It's done. When you go to the orthodontist office in the morning, it's filled with adult patients. Just like me.


I'm met with confused looks when people notice my braces...why? Your teeth look amazing! What are you doing? Listen.. it's not for cosmetic reasons.. My teeth do not touch (at all) when I bite down. I'm getting fixed up so that I don't have irregular wear and tear on my teeth as I get older and also to help my jaw function properly. The ol' jaw is happy so far. Yay.

I'm a hit with the young kids.. which makes me feel younger.. maybe you should get braces too. Didn't you have braces when you were a kid? Yes, thanks to my mom and dad I did...but the teeth moved, and now I will fix them again.

I'm down 5 pounds this week. Along with my new found make-over, I am making over my diet and exercise plan. I shoot RAW....going to eat a lot that way too.. Reading books. Juicing. Smoothies. Vitamins. Vegetarian? It aint so bad. I'll eat a hamburger sometime if I want to....but usually I don't want to.. fair weather vegetarian.

I'm interested in my body's PH....in alkalinity...I'm interested in nutrition for me and my family. They are drinking green smoothies with me....and enjoying it. That makes me happy.

Twelve to fifteen months is what they gave me.. I already feel spaces and movement that were not there when I was flossing last week. Hooray for my mouth :)