I don't like things that do not work...

Thank you for the messages and posts regarding my last post. I appreciate all of the feedback and have taken every comment seriously. I wanted to point out a few things here on my website..and hopefully that might answer some other questions on various websites you might encounter.. First up; The super huge newsletter:

An example of my last newsletter for demonstration...this is not a live link.

Various mail clients read emails differently. As a newsletter author, I try my best to create emails that will satisfy all of them, but it is impossible. If your newsletter reads super huge or with unusual spacing, all you need to do is click on the link on the upper right of the newsletter. This link will take the newsletter out of your mail client and onto the web where it will display properly. Easy.

No more fuss..

No more fuss..

When I built my website, I opted to have the sight refuse anonymous comments. I figured since most of you would be commenting to win stuff anyway, and I need your email address to find you if you win, that  you wouldn't mind signing in to comment. I've turned on the guest comment feature, so now, like Blogger, you can leave a comment on the blog without using your google account, Facebook, twitter account....your choice. Every website in the world allows you to sign in using your Facebook account, so I never thought this would be an issue....but you spoke, I responded. Go crazy.

Ohh.....you may have trouble entering your website...just copy the link in or leave that field blank. This happens to me on your websites too...I only leave it if I have time. Some blogs require the http...others will use the site with the www... That's all I have to say about that.

So after reading all of your comments, I searched within my soul to find out why I don't leave comments on your blog.. see? I'm all about a little give and take here.. My #1 reason for skipping the comments? CAPTCHA. Don't know what that is? It's the squished up letters and gibberish on your blog I have to enter so that your blog doesn't think I am a robot. I've always maintained that as a blog author, I would not put my readership through that nonsense...and if robots attacked, I would take care of it on my end...some blogs even moderate AND have CAPTCHA enables. That makes Julie curse.

Finally..the speed. I'm a photographer and a videographer...and an artist..I try to showcase my products in the highest light possible. Why? So that I can book more clients. That means more resolution...and larger files....which may equate to longer lag times on the site. Please know that I take every file into consideration when I upload to my site.. Some photographers won't sacrifice a single pixel. I'm compressing things...can I make it faster?  No....It's as fast as I will allow things on my end..as you browse around the internet, you can decide if you need a new computer, faster connection and/or memory..all that good stuff. 

Thanks for reading all this...hopefully it helps some readers who may be having issues. I blog to communicate with you..and if things are not working, I will always try to trouble-shoot...but things now? They're running pretty smoothly on my end.

See you soon...