Yah..I went to Comic-con..

I had the opportunity to tag a long with my friend who is in the industry to Comic-con yesterday. I'm a third generation San Diegan, and I have never been..so in an effort to bring myself out of my humidity induced, summer-time art funk, I went along for the ride.

The people who are waiting on line at Comic-con are very upset about waiting in line.. I on the other hand, did not wait on line for anything and just cruised the convention floor.. everyone was very polite and I found the atmosphere very hospitable. It was a fun day people watching and looking at all of the artwork. I picked up a few zines and a stuffed, "Mr. Toast" (I will admit that toast is one of my favorite foods...so what could be so bad about that?) for Kate..

There are a lot of things that you cannot "un-see" that you see at Comic-con....I will spare you those photos.

Have a good week!