My creativity is all over the place. Last week I was shooting senior portraits, making plans for a graduation balloon arch, filming course material, consulting on a film project and helping clients understand their DSLR cameras. There is a lot on my plate, but I don't know any other plate I'd rather have in front of me.

I struggle with labeling my I an artist? A photographer? Truth is I don't care anymore. I'm happy. Call me what you the dream.. haha Oh..I almost forgot the bee hive in the back yard the other day....indeed. Good times.

My daughter is graduating from Kindergarten. I am so proud... I shot all of the kindergarten class yesterday for graduation photos we are presenting to the parents..the kids were thrilled to put on the "college gown"..which is what a lot of them called the cap and gown. Their eyes totally lit up.. (I've been capturing events since PK with this group..I make a DVD for the parents every year and it has become quite the production).. the images came out great and I feel awesome to have "photographer" on my resume these days.

What's keeping you busy?