Last week I happened upon my ol' 2Peas rubber stamp gallery... as I traveled down memory lane, I remembered some old supplies. Mica tiles? Yes please! Love how they enhance the yellow of the vintage paper...and also their sheen...beautiful.

I'm off Pinterest...I had such a love hate relationship with was fun..but the idea is creeping me out these days. Why should someone gain popularity for image collection? I guess that's the thing that matters the most to me.. I don't think it's right to host images on blogs, boards..tumblr for that matter...reposting what someone else has posted. I don't get it. I don't understand why the same feature cannot be accomplished by simply bookmarking things..remember bookmarks?

I'm not hoping to start a fight on the ethical questions regarding Pinterest.. just stating why I don't use it anymore. When sharing is so it possible that we are sharing too much?