Want to read my journal cover to cover?

The 2012 Sketchbook project is now online! You can view my project cover to cover online if you can't make it to the tour in person.. Please leave me a comment on the Art House website if you browse the book... It's amazing to me to be able to see and know if people are reading the book... that's why I decided to have it hosted online; so I really hope to hear from you there.

So now as people rev up to participate in the 2013 project, here are my thoughts. Take them or leave them:

I would never place reproductions in the sketchbook. My feeling is that people want to see and hold an actual sketchbook...of new and never before seen artwork...give them a treat just like if they were coming to your home.

The sketchbook quality is wimpy for wet media artists such as myself. You can re-bind the book to suit your needs as long as the finished product stays within the Art House size limits...so do it! I cut heavy paper that I have painted on before and inserted it into the book.

Visit other sketch-books and participate in the entire process! I have a lot of feelings on this.... I'll write them in another extremely long winded post coming soon... grab some popcorn.

In other news...I am working on that stencil giveaway... stay tuned!