Please join me in celebrating the launch of my friend's new book, "The Pulse of Mixed Media", by mixed-media power artist, Seth Apter. Hooray!

painting created for Seth's Book; Slope acrylic on canvas, 11x14"

For the last couple of years I have been tuned in to my computer every Sunday morning, meeting artists, reading survey responses and learning so many new things. The Pulse (Seth's massive online artist survey) is an amazing time spent surfing the internet. The concept is now available in book format and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Thirty-one artists answered a barrage of questions and made new art to be featured in the book. I am so happy to be a part of this. My favorite part of this collaboration? The diversity. Every artist is different and I really feel that Seth has done an amazing job of exposing the community on his website to artists and artwork that may have not been recognized otherwise. I know I am forever grateful.

I've answered way too many questions to count.. so I want to know:

What is the one thing that you know now that you would have liked to have known when you first started to create art?

From Seth: "I think the one thing that I know now that I did not know back then was the importance of making art for yourself. And what I mean by that is the realization that no matter what the reason is for making any particular piece (art for sale, submission, collaboration, exhibition, etc), your best work comes when you shut all that out and just create from within. If you go about creating with or for an agenda, creativity can be stifled. If you go about creating a piece that really comes from and pleases you, creativity soars. And the final artwork is all the better as a result."

Preview the book online!