Teach Art to Your Children v 2.7

Last week the girls ventured into their art journals; using spray paint and spray ink with some stencils. The girls LOVED this.

I bought some journals. You can find journals at the craft store. Look for watercolor paper or heavy paper that will withstand water. Using drawing paper will not hold up to the moisture. We used some scrapbook store spray inks and we also mixed some spray using our acrylic paint. You can find out more on how to mix spray paint by looking through our free tutorials here. Go outside. Cover the surrounding areas and give the kids gloves to wear. Trust me on this one.

What I learned: These six year olds LOVED making page after page of art in their books. When the pages dried, they eagerly sat down to start to doodle and write with various pens and pencils in the books. It was instant. I showed them my art journals and they started immediately.

Like stencils? Need stencils? I'll be having a nice, fat GIVEAWAY courtesy of The Crafters Workshop after I get back from New York. Stay tuned!