I had these two pieces framed and I love how they look.. makes me feel more important than I am to have a frame. Shop around, I bought acrylic (instead of glass) on the internet and then found a local frame shop where you don't need a coupon to get a good price. Imagine that.. You know what I've said about coupons before right? If you need to use a coupon at a shop to get a decent price, you're not getting a good price. If the shop sends out coupons over and over again....come on. They've marked up the prices to smithereens in order to cover the drop in profit they get when they run the coupon..they are still making a ton of money. Trust me on this one.

News: Twitter party tonight at 6pm Pacific. Use the hashtag #Pulsebook in honor of Seth's new book launch. I'll tweet to anyone who tweets to me. You can follow me on Twitter here. Speaking of having to see it for yourself..I got a copy of the book yesterday. MAN. READING EVERY WORD. I love it!

More Newer News: Ever so generous Jaime from The Crafters Workshop has given me another load of 12x12 stencils to give away! Stay tuned...we'll be giving those away on the blog here in a couple weeks!

Don't forget! BRAND NEW ONLINE WORKSHOP from Yours Truly...here are the details..and if you order by 3/28, you get a free Super Nova pass!