Teach Art to Your Children v 2.6

I think I forgot to post the mixed-media for children last week..last week we finished up some great see-life paintings using skins... this week we studied the brush style of Henri Matisse.

I give the children a 5 minute over-view on the artist and then turn them loose with the supplies and direction. I never know how they will react to a lesson, but we take it easy and let them interpret the lesson in their own way...they really love the weekly creative boost!

Try it: Grab some paints, a brush and a canvas panel. Print out a couple of Matisee paintings from the internet and talk about the colors and the brush strokes. Next, pick an item from your home to act as the model for class, and help your child mix some colors. You can demonstrate a quick sketch as you would draw the object and turn them loose! You'll be surprised with the results!