Another week. More wrestling.

Some recent instagram fun... A) some vintage letters written in Italian; b) an abandoned shoe shine station; c) the sky as our weather changed earlier in the week; d) yours truly in a Halloween costume my mom made me, circa 1976.

So the last couple of weeks I have been busy with some creative things, but not doing much in the way of my creative business. I am looking for change. I'm "nesting" creative ideas and energy and I am feeling good. But I am faced with wondering how much longer this "nesting" phase can go on?

You know the phase.. I'm cleaning my workspace. I'm buying a little of this, pinning a little of that and doing a lot of reading and searching for inspiration...and I am asking myself a ton of questions internally...they're about to go external. Want to think with me?

I read somewhere that using pinterest and blogging your ideas can be detrimental to your creative process. When is too much inspiration a bad thing? Do the ideas get cluttered? Do they lose your "fingerprint" because they start to look like someone else's idea? How about this one:

Sit on it. Do you sit on your big ideas or shout them from the rooftops right away? I'm sitting. Trouble is that I don't know what I am sitting on yet..I almost do..but it's (the idea) is not ready yet.. the bottom line is that I'm making art and taking pictures to make money. It's my only it's important to me that the ideas stay with me until I can execute..I don't want to risk sharing the ideas at the moment so that someone else nurtures the idea and there goes the idea. It's the not so much fun portion of the creative process... it is what it is.

So what do you think? How much inspiration can one person take...and are you a sitter?

Have a great's Super Bowl weekend here in the US...I can't wait to see halftime!